Genesis Architectural Roofing

Genesis® 360 Architectural Roof System Combines aesthetics with weathertight performance.

Individual panels are securely seamed together with a full 360-degree Pittsburgh double lock seam to form a weathertight membrane to keep moisture out.

Most architectural metal roofs are limited to a minimum slope of 3:12 and require redundant waterproofing underneath to assure weathertightness. The Genesis® 360
system can be installed and warranted for weathertightness, for up to 20 years on slopes as low as ½:12 without requiring redundant waterproof underlayment.


Tested in accordance with the ASTM 1592 tests, the Genesis 360 roof system carries the highest wind uplift ratings (Class 90) awarded by Underwriters Laboratories. It also meets the ASTM 1680 air infiltration and ASTM 1646 water infiltration test standards.