Delta Joist Structural Systems


Delta Joist™, Delta II™ and Delta Hybrid™; three structural systems created to meet your concrete wall building design requirements.


Tilt-up, pre-cast or masonry. No matter what type of concrete or masonry walls you choose for your building, the Delta Joist™ structural system is exactly what you are looking for.

The Delta Joist structural system, coupled with the MR-24® standing seam metal roof, gives you a building system that is flexible and attractive, with a roof that is virtually maintenance free.

Faster construction time


With the Delta Joist system, 80% of the structural assembly is completed on the ground. In some cases even the electrical, overhead plumbing and ductwork can be put in place prior to these sections being lifted into place.

Efficient Interior


No perimeter columns. Long bay solutions (up to 60′). The Delta Joist structural system takes columns out of the interior design consideration.