About Us

In 1970, Randy Haefli left the employment of Butler Manufacturing to establish a Butler Building dealership in Fort Worth, Tx. This dealership, Component Construction Company, went on to become a highly successful General Contractor, and continues to operate today as Butler’s oldest franchise in the North Texas area.

In 1975, Randy developed a method for applying Butler’s MR-24 roofing to a “non-Butler”  building, and installed this system on a flight simulator building at Bell Helicopter’s Hurst plant. To our knowledge, this was the birth of the metal retrofit roofing industry.


By 1980, Component’s installations of Butler Pre-engineered structures and roofs for owners and other contractors (many were competitors of Component) had grown to such an extent that a separate company, known as BSI, was established to handle these niche markets.

Every Butler roof installed by BSI, (and it’s predecessor Component) since 1970 is still in service today. We know of no competitor who can make such a claim.

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